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9 months TAO on TOUR!
The unique online
for mindfulness and awareness in everyday life

starts on Dec. 12, 2020

One minute off time
"taoWHISPER meditation"

The "taoWHISPER meditations" are an invitation to a short OFF TIME.

Start the nature video that speaks to you right now and let the reduced images guide you, listen to the sound of the TAO.

After just a few moments, you will likely notice that your eyes want to close.
Let it happen and experience how every tone leads you more and more to you.

Everyday noises take a back seat, thoughts become unimportant.

Feel your breath. Experience your inner presence.

Enjoy this short break in nature and feel refreshed and alive!

Get into the ADVENTURE "Journey to Yourself"!

In the sense of simplicity, we do without technical gimmicks and use only ours for all recordings
iPhone 8Plus and iPad Gen 7.

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