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9 months TAO on TOUR!
The unique online
for mindfulness and awareness in everyday life

starts on Dec. 12, 2020


On our taoTOUREN-life-blog we would like to take you on our TAO TOURS . Here we give you a look "over our shoulders". We invite you to look into the world through our eyes and to research together with us for the TAO in everything and everyone. We want to inspire you to integrate awareness, mindfulness, spirituality into your life and then let it flow into all areas of your life!

Very specific impulses, instructions, exercises, meditations, teachings and support to T otality, A wareness and O neness to integrate into your life - to realize the TAO and feel out in all areas of life it - get you during our "nine months of online training adventure "TAO - LIFE"   and our "TAO online RETREATs lasting several weeks" as well as immediately, directly, face to face in the "TAOretreats" !

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July 17 to August 12, 2020

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