TAO on TOUR - life
TAO on TOUR - life
TAO on TOUR - life
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TAO on TOUR - life
TAO on TOUR - life


9 months TAO on TOUR!

Our unique one  

"Exclusive TAOlife ~ online course

for a new consciousness in everyday life "

starts on Dec. 12, 2020

Welcome - nice that YOU are here!


Perhaps you have already asked yourself how it is with: TAO in LIFE? Or TAO in everyday life ?

We t
ell you how it is for us!


With TAO in EVERYDAY and TAO as it shows us "on TOUR". We give you insight into our "TAO LIFE" , with all the wonderful things , the beauties and the challenges that a TAO day keeps in store for us all over and over again.


Here on our TAO on TOUR   page   we would like to invite you to join us, to be 'on tour' with us! On the path of TAO, as it touches our senses and crosses our field of vision!


Our pictures should show it, our videos tell about it .....


From the flexibility of a blade of grass, the gentle flapping of a butterfly's wings, from the clarity of early morning dew, from the infinite space of an unlimited moment ...........


TAO on TOUR enables you to look "over our shoulder" and through "our eyes" into the world!



In our unique "exclusive TAOlife Online course for a new consciousness in everyday life" you get the opportunity to transform  "Travel to you & within yourself"! You will get very specific impulses, instructions, exercises, meditations and teachings   to bring support, T otality, A wareness and O neness into your consciousness - the TAO to become a permanent quality of life that you can feel!

"People don't have to be redeemed or saved -
they just need knowledge of their true nature and
how they can live out of this! "

In the  TAO retreats you will experience us "face to face" and discover together with us in the most beautiful places on this planet the wonderful, great creations of TAO Moment by moment around you and above all in you   self!

TAO on TOUR - Barbara Froehlich & Harald Noderer
TAO on TOUR - Barbara Froehlich & Harald Noderer
TAO on TOUR - Barbara Froehlich & Harald Noderer
TAO on TOUR - Barbara Froehlich & Harald Noderer
TAO on TOUR - Barbara Froehlich & Harald Noderer

We are Barbara 'naamnahi' Fröhlich and Harald 'bharananda' Noderer! What unites us, among countless other things, is the joy of traveling and the love of life.


We have been 'on tour' together for over 12 years! On the way!


On the trail of naturalness in nature , freedom in reduction , vitality in life, totality in "just being" - on the way of the TAO !  


We tour through our homeland, in other continents, in Europe, through villages and cities, over and in the seas and on the mountains, on foot, by bike and since July 2020 also with "Viano", every day as well as day, for weeks and months!


BARBARA  .  naamnahi

Barbara is a "child of nature", a "female wild nature", enthusiastic "out of her senses" and in love with life! Consciously respecting, honoring and celebrating the adventure of “life”, enjoying it moment by moment is part of everyday life for her .... read more


Barbara 'naamnahi' Fröhlich


HARALD  .  bharananda

Harald has been accompanying people who are "searching" since 2004. In search of inner peace, freedom, abundance, bliss. Guided on the path of self-founding in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta, he received as a 'confirmation' of the 'realization' the .... read more


Harald 'bharananda' Noderer

What "moves" us:


It is not the search for special places, famous sights or extraordinary adventures, rather we are on the "big" in the "small" , the "special" in the "everyday" , the "radiance" in the clouds , the "calm" in the Interested in “storm” , in “comfort” in “uncomfortable” , in “strength” in “difficulty” and in “peace” in “conflict” .


'On TOUR' is our "drive", the "flow of life" and our life is "on the way"! We also call both TAO , loosely based on the words of "Laoze":


"There is something, it is the mother of all BEING,

I don't know its name, so I call it TAO "



What it "stands for":


For us, TAO also stands for a way of life , a spiritual attitude , an inner state , which at the same time follows a clear direction : " Totality - A warfare -   O neness " or TAO - totally and absolutely to bring the oneness of all things into your own consciousness, into a" felt experience "!


So everything and each - and of course also ourselves and each other - should be seen as an expression of the "one force" , the "big picture" ! With TAO we follow our life decision, no matter how our mind and our emotions react to everyday things and situations, to recognize the "essence" behind them and to understand the underlying one to look "true nature" !



What it "means" for us:


TAO is not a religion and not a belief! It only tells about laws - and they are valid anytime, anywhere and for everyone! These laws, which govern nature, the entire cosmos, and naturally also apply to us humans as "part of this nature", are visible right before our eyes! And: The teachings about life that the TAO gives us can be checked immediately, directly and without misunderstandings in nature.


Although we were fortunate enough to have been taught by many wonderful teachers on our path to knowledge, the kindest, wisest and at the same time most relentlessly consistent was LIFE itself!



What TAO "opens" to you:


The "path" of the   TAO leads you step by step into a new consciousness! The immediate awareness of the unity of all things opens up to you and the " quality" of the nature underlying things ! On the way of the TAO you experience yourself gifted by a benevolent omnipotence and blessed with deep trust . You will find contact again with that innate spiritual radiance that floods your mind, your senses, your heart and your entire life and you will be guided by an inner light as a peaceful and loving expression of your "true nature" to shine out into the world.

We invite you to do this: Come with us, take part, immerse yourself in it - virtually - and in "real-life"!